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November 19, 2008

Unemployed dad makes headlines

Recently fired family man returns to former employer with agenda

September 16, 2008 Denver Gazette


Employees at the Denver data processing firm Cynet were initially surprised to see former employee Randall McElhenny park his 2002 Accord in the visitors spot at the site of his former job, just three days after his termination.


Randall stopped in with 2 dozen Kripsy Kreme’s and a card expressing how much he enjoyed his 6 years with Cynet.  “Things happen” says McElhenny, a 43 year old father of four “It’s not the end of the world and I know I’ll bounce back.”


Former supervisor Gerry Hunsickle was perplexed by McElhenny’s actions.  “We really screwed him over” said Hunsickle.  “For a minute I was half expecting him to go postal on everybody, but that’s more a reflection on the way I think.  I project my thoughts on others.  It’s a coping mechanism I use to justify being an asshole.”


After 15 minutes of awkward banter with receptionist Sally Clairehall and random former co-workers, McEllheny was ready to close that chapter of his life.  “It all happened so suddenly when I was fired, I never got the opportunity to say goodbye to anyone.  After six years it’s a shock to the system to cut off many of your personal relationships abruptly.  Just looking for a sense of closure” he added “and now that I have it, I’m moving forward with my life.”



Remains found outside home of laid off dad

October 15, 2008 National News Consortium


Area residents in a quiet family neighborhood in Barstow, CA found the remains of a once cluttered three car garage neatly packed for disposal outside the home of Jeff Chambers, a 38 year old recently terminated father of three.


“I’ve know Jeff for years and I did not see that coming” said neighbor Alan Burgess, “I got to used to the various crap in his garage, elliptical trainer, Rubbermaid’s stacked to the roof, hockey equipment.  I guess I thought that’s just the way things would always be.”


Chambers cites the recent job loss as motivation for his actions.  “Now that I have more time I can focus in the short run on areas of my life I had previously neglected.  This garage was a project on the backburner for over a year.  Now that it’s done, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, which are important given my employment situation.”


“The basement is next” warned Chambers, “and I’m joining a gym.”



 Jobless father kills

November 12, 2008 Cheyenne Daily Reader


A three month stretch of unemployment despite constant searching and numerous interviews is being cited by experts as possible motivation for a Wyoming father killing the notion that he is less of a person.


“I am handling this situation the best that I can” says Kelly Sampson, a 35 year father of two pre-school aged daughters.  “The fact that I am not working does make me less of a person.  I’m still a father and I have a responsibility to myself and my family to get through this.  It’s not forever, all things pass.”


Community members are shocked by the news, some outraged.  “Take your punishment like you are supposed to” said a neighbor speaking on the condition of anonymity “The way I see it, you thought were a real big shot with your six figure salary and stay at home wife, so its karma.  You are getting what was coming to you now that you’ve been knocked off your pedestal.”


Sampson shrugs off this suggestion “The rain falls on the just and unjust alike” he stated, “Everything will work out fine.”





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