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December 6, 2008

4 Fantastic Secrets to a Stunning Resume

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4 Fantastic Secrets to a Stunning Resume


As regional HR director for a Fortune 500 company, Glen Reynolds has seen thousands of resumes pour across his desk over the past 30 years.  “In this market, the quality of the resume says a lot about the candidate” he says “You only get once chance to make a first impression, and a resume is really a marketing piece for a candidate”


He offers four tips for job seekers to make their resume truly stand out from the herd.


  1. Resume fonts:  Reynolds recommends either times new roman or arial, at least 12 points in size.  “Avoid the use of crayons or magic markers” he notes “If I get a resume written completely in cursive using a crayon it makes scanning the resume difficult.  I’m more flexible on the magic markers, especially scented” he adds.
  2. Use a “headline” stating career objective:  “It drives home the objective of the candidate, makes me want to read more” says Reynolds.  “But be careful here, for example, if a candidate expresses their career goal as “To get the high score on Guitar Hero”, while this is a great headline, it’s risky.  What if the hiring manager also wants the high score on Guitar Hero?  Less likely you’ll be hired for fear you’ll beat his high score.”  In this instance, Reynolds recommends calling ahead, “Phone the hiring manager and ask what his or her high score on Guitar Hero is, that’s the only way to be safe.”
  3. Get creative:  In certain industries creativity is not only valued, but necessary for entrance into the corporate ranks.  Reynolds recommends “thinking outside the box” when expressing your creativity in a resume.  “If I see a resume with Hello Kitty stickers in the margin, it says to me the candidate is warm, expressive and nurturing.”  Another favorite of Reynolds are hand drawn unicorns “Everybody loves unicorns, and I am no exception to that rule.”
  4. Fill in the gaps:  Often, employment gaps are viewed as a negative as they reflect a lack of stability in the prospective employee.  “If you have an employment gap of six months or more, it can be easily discounted, and turned to your favor, if you tell the employer you were in prison.  Let the recruiter know that you paid a debt to society, which is great because we always look for community values in a candidate.  If you can articulate a reduction in time served from, say two years to 16 months, this speaks volumes about your interpersonal skills, and shows you are a team player” says Reynolds.


Though the competition in today’s work market is fierce, job seekers can elevate their resume to the “top of the pile” by fine tuning them using Reynolds secrets.


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