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January 2, 2009

Fantastic Resume Edit

Leslie Cole, managing partner for the firm electric-resumes.net,  has helped thousands of job seekers “re-brand” themselves through a professional edit of their existing resumes.

“Our focus is on the job seeker, asking a typical employee launching a job search from scratch to produce a compelling resume that will draw employers is tantamount to asking them to produce a best selling novel – most job hunters have little to no experience in this field” she states.  “Your fathers chronological resume with the bullets at the top just aren’t getting it done in todays market.”

Cole says the best part of her job is “making a difference in people’s lives.  We’ve had people come to us, after hundreds of applications yielding few interviews, find employment within weeks, if not days of using our service.”

For example, Cole’s firm recently helped a gentleman, we’ll call Mr. P for copyright purposes, find suitable employment after a long search.

Here’s an excerpt from Mr. P’s original resume:


  • Experienced sailor
  • Super human strength after eating spinach
  • Can use corn cob pipe as propeller to swim really fast
  • Capable of bending ship anchor around people and then spinning it around and around and launching it up all the way to the moon
  • Repellant to bullets and most forms of artillery and can either tie barrels into knots, or put finger in gun barrel causing it to explode back into the face of the person shooting
  • I am what I am


January 1929 – present Sailor

  • Sailed the seven seas
  • Battled sea monsters
  • Hunted for treasure
  • Defeated schemes of Bluto and the Sea Hag
  • Experienced rescuing Olive Oyl
  • Primary caregiver and role model to infant adoptive son and three nephews

“As you can see, Mr. P has some amazing talents to offer any employer, and should be a viable candidate in the marketplace, but his resume is a mess” Cole asserts.  “Lets start with the qualifications, while these are impressive, it is more impactful to remove the bulleted format and restate these as core competencies, which presents him a distinct competitive advantage over other job seekers in that they are valuable, rare, costly to imitate, and non-substitutable”

“Tying a gun barrel into a knot is a very strategic move, reflecting a core competency of strategy.  Obviously Mr. P has an innate gift for resource allocation, most of us, after eating spinach to gain superhuman strength would just swim really fast, but Mr. P uses the pipe as propeller: reflecting attributes of a visionary.”  Cole’s revision is below:

Core Competencies

Independent • Strategic • Visionary • Focused • Decisive • Achieve Results • Assertiveness/Directiveness • Ethical

“As for the experience section, we found the sailor title derivative, a lot of the section reflected personal values we wrapped up into core competencies, and while the battles with the Sea Hag and Bluto were probably necessary, they might send a message to potential employers that Mr. P is difficult to work with.”  The revised experience is below:


Naval Logistics Consultant

  • Project manager for lucrative resource exploration
  • Veteran navigational leader led to successful re-acquisition of human capital
  • Strong emotional intelligence (EQ) in challenging work environments created optimal outcomes
  • Special ability to lift between 4,000 and 36,000 pounds led to significant labor cost savings

“Now a hiring manager has a better sense of how Mr. P’s unique skill set can ultimately benefit their business” says Cole.  The outcome?  “Well lets just say Mr. P won’t be wondering where his next can of spinach is coming from” laughs Cole.

A professional revision can aid the job seeker for a fraction of the cost of unemployment.


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